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Read what our customers have to say!

“The doctor would not allow my mom to return home unless she had a medical alert button. We called My Guardian Angel, and they met us at her home within 2 hours. We highly recommend their services.”

BK, South Deerfield

“Our father is very independent and insists on staying in his home alone without any help. Mo came over, explained to us how the system worked, and how it would help keep my father independent. Dad felt very comfortable and accepted the button without any disagreement. Mo handled the situation very well.  Thank you.”

BB, Bernardston

“My parents are both in their 90's. On several occasions they have each needed to push their button to get help. It is comforting to know that they can maintain their independence and I can have some peace of mind”

AH, Amherst

“Recently, my father had a fire in his home. Although he has lived there for 60+ years, he couldnth find the phone to call 911. He pushed his My Guardian Angel button. Within minutes fire and rescure were there to save him. He did, indeed, have a Guardian Angel. Thank you!”

MP, Northampton

“My mother has had a history of falling sometimes being on the floor up to 4 hours. My Guardian Angel came and hooked up a medical alarm three weeks ago. Mom fell the other night. She pushed her button and within minutes I was there to help her get up. What wonderful peace of mind.”

LL, Charlemont

“I woke up about 6 with chest pains and fluttering in my chest. I punched my medical alarm button. Within minutes an ambulance was here and my son was notified. I feel thankful that I had this system as I wouldn’t have been able to get help so fast. thank you.”

MF, Ashfield

“My mother, 87,  lives alone. A few nights ago she heard suspicious noises outside. She pushed her medical alert button and told the operator. In a few minutes, police arrived and found that someone was trying to jimmy open her back door. Crisis averted. Thank you. We all feel safer now.”

MJG, Springfield

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