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Medication Dispensers

Almost 30% of all hospital admissions for people over the age of 65 are directly attributed to medication non-compliance and approximately 40% of people entering nursing homes do so because they are unable to self-medicate in their homes.

My Guardian Angel will help you stay organized and compliant with your medications, making it one less thing to worry about.

Pay Only:
$40 Installation $50 per month.

No contracts, no hidden fees.

My Guardian Angel
Medication Dispenser


  • Stay organized and compliant with medication

  • Holds up to 60 medication cups

  • Can store up to 2 months of medications

  • Dispenses up to 6 cups per day (max of 25 pills per dose)

  • 3-way reminder when it is time for medications (voice, text, blinking light)

  • Alerts caregiver if medications are running low or when the dispenser is ready to be refilled

  • Lockable cabinet keeps medications safe

  • Early dose feature allows dosing flexibility

Pay Only:
$40 Installation $50 per month.

No contracts, no hidden fees.

My Guardian Angel
Medication Dispenser


The timers and alarms on this management
system are easy to set. A real lock and key
make the MedReady completely tamper-proof.

  • Safety
    The medication management system conveniently
    utilizes AC power, but in the event of an outage, or
    short-term travel, switches automatically to included
    rechargeable batteries.

  • Security
    Tamper-proof to provide the maximum in security.
    Instead of employing a latch, our system utilizes a real
    lock and key, and
    the edges are secure. With access by
    key-only, caregivers can load MedReady and monitor
    patient compliance.

  • Usable Clock
    The extra large LED read-out is easily viewed from any
    angle and is self-illuminating so MedReady can be seen
    in any light.

  • Medication Card Holder
    Provides a card holder for a printed copy of the prescriptions
    for all medications in the dispenser.

  • Easy-to-Set Alarms
    Setting the management system timers and alarms is as
    easy as setting a digital alarm clock. Lower frequency
    alarm to benefit those suffering with hearing loss.

Pay Only:
$40 Installation/$60.00 per month for Dose Flip Medication Dispenser only.

Make it a bundle! Dose Flip & Belle X for $104.95 per month 

No contracts, no hidden fees.

My Guardian Angel
Medication Dispenser

Dose Flip and Belle X Bundle:

Dose Flip - Medication Management 

  • The Dose Flip is a smart pill box that can help anyone take the right meds at the right times.

  • At the scheduled time, the Dose Flip will sound an alarm and flash light. To dispense, the individual simply flips the pill box over into their hand or a cup and takes the medication.

  • The Dose Flip can let caregivers know if medications are not being remembered or taken as directed. It can send notifications via phone call, text message, or email.

  • The Dose Flip is on the 4g LTE network so no WiFi is needed.

Belle X - Emergency Response Device

The Belle X is a small, easy to use
mobile personal emergency response system that offers your customers confidence to live life on their terms. Your customers can easily get help at home or away from home with the press of a button. Belle is certified on AT&T and Verizon 4G LTE networks.

  • Auto Emergency Fall Detection Shower-Safe

  • Powerful built-in two way voice technology.

  • Locate user via GPS & WiFi location technologies using online or smartphone app.

  • Rechargeable battery – up to 7 days per charge

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